SO, hi, I wanted to touch base on my time at Bargreen Ellingson thus far. :)

I was the receptionist for about 3 months (back in July 2013). Then, with a Health Coach background, I was quickly convinced to move into a Wellness Coordinator role that I gladly accepted! Then, a few months after I moved into an additional role, the Adjustor/Support. Being the Wellness Coordinator has been a bit challenging, but pretty fun nonetheless! I have the ability to brainstorm and organize branch-wide Wellness Challenges throughout the year. We also have a BE Healthy Facebook group where we can interact with one another even though we are so far apart. There are numerous branches throughout the United States and this FB group allows us all to communicate and keep one another inspired to stay healthy!

Speaking of healthy, we are about to get started with our first Wellness Challenge of the year, the 30-day Plank Challenge!! Check out this interaction from an update I posted today:

That is pretty cool! I am getting super excited about this challenge which begins on the 15th! However, I don’t know how many participants are going to make it to the 30th day and hold a plank for 300 seconds- that is 5 whole minutes! Can you imagine? Ah! Well, wish us luck! Will keep you all updated!

Thanks for stopping by! :D

Yep, I been MIA…here are some photos to catch you up!


Went to florida to see some friends for Spring Break (Sept 2013)




Can’t forget seeing more friends in Seattle!







Beach with the Sis!



Then…I got hired at Bargreen Ellingson!!! :) One of the best decisions I ever made! 




We won Branch of the year, and that is why I have been so busy!!! Too crazy!

Then, went out for my sister and my birthdays – too much fun at Halocene (Booty Bassment) and on the way there in the limo excursion.






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Not too bad…



I am a Health Coach for Take shape for Life. I am an active partner in something bigger by showing Americans how to create health in their lives, one client at a time, and helping to reverse the trends of obesity in our country. This program is a great avenue for individuals seeking healthy habits to restore his/her health and improve his/her quality of life, which leads to optimal health. If I can change at least one person’s life by supporting and guiding them to a better, healthier lifestyle I would be over whelmed with joy!

Take Shape For Life is the personal coaching and lifestyle management arm of Medifast. While Medifast offers many options for a Client to lose weight and get healthy using the Medifast Meals and Programs, Take Shape For Life provides the added value of a Health Coach to Clients and a comprehensive approach toward healthy lifestyle choices, at no additional cost.

Health Coaches act as consultants, cheerleaders, and role models to help Clients first attain good physical health by improving their nutrition and reaching a healthy weight using Medifast Meals and Programs. Then, they teach Clients and other Health Coaches strategies for long-term Optimal Health, including a healthy body, healthy mind, and healthy finances.

Follow my other blog for tips, recipes etc!! http://www.roadtowellnesswithamanda.wordpress.com

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